Uchida Yoko product wins prestigious German Design Award

News Release

iF Design Award 2015 conferred on aluminum weights designed to be held directly in the hand for experiencing new scientific experiments The prestigious international iF Design Award has been presented to Uchida Yoko for a series of aluminum weights developed specifically for classroom science experiments. Uchida Yoko is committed to providing equipment and accessories for science experiments designed to encourage an interest in science and promote the role of science in the classroom. ■ The concept of aluminum weights Experiments involving weights are performed around the world. Weights represent the bedrock of natural principles, such as the principles of pendulums and levers and Hooke’s Law. (1) Easy to pick up by hand • The aluminum weights are designed to be easy to pick up by hand. The anodized coating prevents rusting even in the presence of water. • The aluminum weights are extremely versatile, and can be stacked or suspended as required. Sample experiment Elementary school: Learning about weight Students pick up various different weights to feel how heavy they are, then place the weights on the scales for exact measurement. Weights can be stacked facing in opposite directions. (2) Easy to stack, connect and link together • Align the weights for linking or twist 90° for stacking. • The new shape is designed to suit a wide range of different experiments from elementary through to senior high school levels. Students use the same familiar weights to study a variety of weight-related concepts. • The sizes match precisely; thus a single 20 g weight is the same length as two 10 g weights and four 5 g weights. Sample experiment Junior high school: Hooke’s Law Various different combinations of weights are used to demonstrate Hooke’s Law. Sample experiment Junior high school: Buoyancy Uchida Yoko weights are suitable for use in buoyancy experiments involving water. Weights can be stacked together as required to ensure optimum balance. Sample experiment Junior high school: Equilibrium of forces Color-coded weights make it easier to see the total weight at a glance. Sample experiment Elementary school: Pendulum movement Make a pendulum by attaching a string to the top hook. The center of gravity is virtually the same height for all sizes. ■ About the iF Design Award An international award administered by the International Forum Design in Hanover, Germany, the iF Design Award is one of the three most prestigious design awards at the international level, along with the Red Dot Award (Germany) and IDEA (International Design Excellence Award, United States). This year saw 4,783 entries from 53 countries, of which 1,629 were recognized with an award. Recent years have consistently seen several thousand entries from over 50 countries. Inquiries UCHIDA YOKO GLOBAL LIMITED e-mail : s-hattori@uchidayoko.com t-ikoma@uchidayoko.com


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