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    ASISTA is a table sufficiently equipped with necessary functions, such as large wiring space & desktop panel. With variation of single-sided and double-sided type, supporting with different kinds of connection, it demonstrates its superior scalability. From work scene to meeting scene, a simple table system which supports different kinds of scenes, that is ASISTA.

  • D-MOLO.

    Flexible system furniture. Leg, Beam, and bracket, combined with table top and other parts can be flexibly arranged. Modification of layout is easy, ideal for rapid changing environment in office, control room, dealing room etc.

  • AJ Chair

    AJ Chair has a leaning back in 3D mesh structure, which is made up of 356pcs of cell.You can see the intellectual molding fully utilizes linear and geometrical lines from the back and the organic form like being wrapped by emotions from the side of the body. Not only the working places, but also environments can match with in, such as conference and reception.

  • Pulse

    Pulse is engineered from medical point of view. It uses Active Balance Seating, which keeps the right posture by supporting the back in a way no other chair does.


    REGIA is a new, revolutionary conference chair incorporating a polished aluminum frame covered with mesh. This chair features a bold design, one that resonates with an ambitious business mentality.

  • EPO

    Economical, but elgonomical chair, with synchronized mechanism. It is also environment friendly, by using recycle material on its plastic parts, and name of plastic is identified for recycle after disposal.

  • Clean room Chair

    Industrial chair with cleanliness and ESD control. It ranges from class 10 and below, with or without ESD control. Chairs are tested to withstand long hour, industrial usage. In-house and 3rd party certifications are available upon request.

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